He is one of five Tathagatas symbolizing the wisdom of equality (skt. Samatajnana). According to the commentary of Namasangiti, the author Ravisri says;
“All the phenomena are devoid of essence, lacks true inherent existence and hence is dreamlike or illusion or is empty”.
Thus the knowledge of senselessness of persons and the phenomena is the wisdom of equality: Buddha Ratnasambhava is the personification of this wisdom in Vajrayana Buddhism.
In the extant literature, he has rarely described his vows, aspirations, and activity. He is usually called the Buddha born from a jewel. a Sambhava Buddha’s body, one’s desire would be fulfilled.

He is yellow in color. He belongs to the Buddha family of Jewel. He is placed in the stupa facing to the south. He shows varada mudra with his right hand. He holds cintamani jewel in his left hand kept on his lap. He also represents the purified form of the defilement pride. He rides on the horse throne symbolizing that he ferries over the suffering sentient beings with full vigor. He resides in the pure abode of Ratnavati heaven (buddha field).
It is said that when Ratna Sambhava Buddha attained enlightenment golden colored rays emitted from his crown and manifested limitless golden colored bodhisattvas; each one of them carrying jeweled scepters emitting light shining on the southern worlds, which were numerous as the sands of the Ganges.
It is said that the sentient beings’ wish would be fulfilled when one sees the golden colored light. It is also said that by meditating on Ratn

Mantra of Ratanasambara

oṃ ra tna saṃ bha va traṃ

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